Design, Build, Modify and Repair Metal Stamping Dies and Fixtures
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In-House Die Tryout

Complete Die Design, Build, Modify and Repair 

300 Ton Tryout Press with Feeder

Tool Tech LLC is more than just a Job Shop. We are well-known in the stamping industry for designing, building, modifying and repairing metal stamping dies and fixtures for nearly 30 years. These stamping dies range from simple to complex, single hit, compound, progressive and transfer dies with In-Die Tapping as well as Stud & Nut Insertion. We work with aluminum, mild steel, stainless steels and even high strength steels. At Tool Tech LLC we have very capable staff of designers, highly skilled and experienced tool makers along with a fully equipped machine shop to produce stamping dies from start to finish including die tryout.

Die Tryout

Tryout presses range in size from 110 tons with a 42 inch by 27 inch bed and a 10 inch stroke to 300 tons with a 96 inch by 54 inch bed and a 12 inch stroke. All are equipped with tonnage monitors and the 300 ton press is equipped with a coil reel, straightener and feeder.

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