Design, Build, Modify and Repair Metal Stamping Dies and Fixtures
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Tool Tech LLC is a Tool Builder, Special Machine Builder and Job Shop all in one.
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Tool and Die

Die Design, Build, Modify and Repair

We are well-known in the stamping industry for designing, building, modifying and repairing metal stamping dies and fixtures for nearly 30 years.

Large Machining and Detail Work

Machining and Detail Work

Even the small jobs are important.  Details machined from mild steel, alloy steel and even tool steels in need of heat treat are commonplace here at Tool Tech LLC. 

Tooling and Fixtures Fabrications

From concept to production we have built marking and assembly equipment along with the necessary fixturing to produce a wide variety of parts.


Why Choose Us?

The team here at Tool Tech LLC designs, builds, repairs and modifies tools, dies, fixtures and special machinery along with detail and CNC machine work. Established in 1985, Tool Tech LLC has over 38,000 square feet of modern plant and office facilities. We employ dedicated designers, engineers, skilled craftsmen and administrative personnel to service our customers. We realize that our continued growth will depend on our ability to provide our customers with the same personalized touch, quality, service and fair pricing they have learned to expect.

Our dispatchers and drivers provide prompt pickup and delivery service throughout the Mid-West and service customers in a timely manner throughout the entire United States.